I'll help you, maybe

About me

Hi nice to see you here, my name is Dominic

I've been programming since I was 14.

I started with C RPGMAKER and GML and thankfully ended up as a fullstack developer.

I am very interested in new things that brings us forward.

If you have interesting projects for me just write me I'll do some for free

Mail me on : d.hueckmann@googlemail.com

Im friendly and against to much greed.



  • Best HTML, CSS, Typescript, Materializecss, Angular 2,3,4,5+, GWT
  • Good Javascript, Bootstrap, Jquery, Cordova, Karma&jasmine
  • Basic PHP, SEO, Wordpress, React, Vue


  • Best C# .NET core, Java
  • Good NodeJs, LINQ, EF Core
  • Basic C, C++, VB


  • Best Google search
  • Good SQL , UX, Scrum, GIT
  • Basic Docker, Katalon

Currently experimenting & planning to do

Hybrid/Progressive Webapp, RestAPI, AI , AR(ARCore), Technical analysis

See on Github what is going on

Home made

Public projects

a proof would be a video of a game? Game maker game

Mobile apps

Tested hybrid app development

Quality ass apps : Appstore account


A Website project


Nokol CMS

App project for a simple CMS for static websites (Alpha)

Nokol CMS

AI&Bruteforce Tradebot

Special cryptocurrency Gekkobot improvement

Code only


Test your JavaScript, CSS, HTML and save your code online and decentralized on the poet network.

Demo(Broken network)

Technical analysis

It is just a small hobby
My traders profile

The finance sector and global growth are in danger since the biggest one day drop on february. Gold, silver reached they rebounce zone

31.10.2018 : Update : Ok there was a big drop great
My blogpost about a possible finance crash / correction pattern

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