I'll help you, maybe

About me

Hi nice to see you here, my name is Dominic

I've been programming since I was 14.

I started with C RPGMAKER and GML and thankfully ended up as a fullstack developer.

I am very interested in new things that brings us forward.

If you have interesting projects for me just write me I'll do some for free

Mail me on : d.hueckmann@googlemail.com

Im friendly and against to much greed.



  • Best HTML, CSS, Typescript, Materializecss, Angular 2,3,4,5+, GWT
  • Good Javascript, Bootstrap, Jquery, Cordova, Karma&jasmine
  • Basic PHP, SEO, Wordpress, React, Vue


  • Best C# .NET core, Java
  • Good NodeJs, LINQ, EF Core
  • Basic C, C++, VB


  • Best Google search
  • Good SQL , UX, Scrum, GIT
  • Basic Docker, Katalon

Currently experimenting & planning to do

Hybrid/Progressive Webapp, RestAPI, AI , AR(ARCore), Technical analysis

See on Github what is going on

Home made

Public projects

a proof would be a video of a game? Game maker game

Mobile apps

Tested hybrid app development

Quality ass apps : Appstore account


A Website project


Nokol CMS

App project for a simple CMS for static websites (Alpha)

Nokol CMS

AI&Bruteforce Tradebot

Special cryptocurrency Gekkobot improvement

Code only


Test your JavaScript, CSS, HTML and save your code online and decentralized on the poet network.

Demo(Broken network)

Social media